We Were Ready

We Were Ready
By Uhuru B. Rowe
November 14, 2017
Email: uhururowe76@yahoo.com

I went outside this this morning. The first time I’ve been outside since the weeklong lockdown. The energy is different. The air is thin. The sky is clear. The sun is shining. Casting dynamic rays of light on the brothers huddled together beneath the pullup bars. Policking about the Black condition. The frustration is obvious. The pain is heavy. The tension is thick. The brothers are in a rage!

I hear phrases like Black Unity. Black Power. Black Revolution. Yeah! I like the sound of those words. They shoot thru me. Sending shockwaves throughout my body. Rattling the ground beneath my feet. We are in a rage! We are ready!

Our fists are clinched. Our hearts are racing. Our jaws are tight. With blood in our eyes. And Liberation dripping from our tongues. Revenge! Revolt! Retaliation! Revolution! Yeah, we like the sound of those words.

The guard blows his whistle.The dogs are barking. The sharpshooter is poised up above. Its time to return to our cages. And, as if almost on cue, Our rage dissipates; Our words cease; Our sweat turn into tears. And then we all bow our heads. Disperse into individual paths. And begrudgingly march back again towards slavery.


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