Who Am I

By Uhuru B. Rowe
January 5, 2018

Who am I? Well, I think I have to go back to what I was so you can appreciate who I am. I was born and raised in the city of Richmond, Virginia. I was the typical Black youth from a working-class family which consisted of my mother and father and six other brothers and sisters. I was the youngest of the bunch; happy, playful, full of love and life. But I was living in a dysfunctional family atmosphere like most oppressed poor Black families trying to survive and thrive in racist America. And before long, my happiness would turn into sadness, and my sadness into rage.

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Another Letter To A Comrade

By Uhuru B. Rowe
December 15, 2017
Email: uhururowe76@yahoo.com

In regards to our exchange of views on revolutionary political theory, surprisingly, I am learning quite a few things from you. So, thank you for this continued political dialogue between us.

I am in agreement with most of the arguments in your last email, dated 11/29/17, except for the following three: that 1) “while 3rd and 2nd World workers stand to gain the most from a socialist revolution, 1st world workers would also gain”; that 2) 1st World workers “are still exploited at the point of production”; and that 3) “wages and living standards of first world workers have been and likely will continue to decline.”

First, I am of the opinion that 1st World workers will lose, not gain, from a global socialist revolution. We both agree that 1st World workers enjoy a high wage and high standard of living as a result of the super-exploitation of 3rd World workers. After a successful global socialist revolution, this super-exploitation will no longer exist, and so the high wage and high standard of living of 1st world workers will decline.

Furthermore, a global maximum wage will have to be established in order to achieve parity between 1st and 3rd World workers which will benefit the third world proletariat ONLY because the wage of the imperialist country labor aristocracy, in the absence of a super-exploited class in the third world, will have to be reduced in order to achieve such a parity. What I am talking about here is the redistribution of wealth from the 1st World labor aristocracy to the 3rd World proletariat because the 3rd world is where a majority of this wealth came from in the first place.

Second, you said that 1st World workers are still exploited at the point of production, but you failed to mention non-productive workers like cops, lawyers, doctors, judges, firefighters, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers, jail/prison guards, etc. Are these blue collar/white collar workers “productive” workers or are they just engaged in the apportionment and distribution of the products of actual productive workers labor?

A common mistake that we on the Left tend to make is lumping all Amerikan workers — productive, non-productive, white collar, blue collar, [middle class] and minimum wage poor workers — together into one class, when clearly the political economy of each are different from the other. NAFTA and other trade deals have made it possible for most of the industries and factories in Amerika to relocate to Mexico, South and Central America, and overseas to extract super-profits by exploiting cheap/slave labor. Thus, most workers in Amerika are non-productive and so are not exploited at the point of production. There is even some questions that the few workers who are productive may be paid more than the value of their labor and labor power and so being productive doesn’t necessarily define one’s level of exploitation.

The bottom line is that the majority of workers in imperialist countries are what Marx called unproductive workers and have different goals than workers in 3rd World countries. The main agenda of the vast majority of imperialist country workers is to gain higher wages — even if this means greater exploitation of their counterparts in the 3rd world — and not the overthrow of capitalism and the institution of socialism. I challenge you, Comrade, to go out and ask the average worker what it is they desire the most — higher wages under capitalism or socialism.

Lastly, you said that the wages and living standards of first world workers are declining. However, according to an article written by Christopher Rugaber in the Business section of the December 9, 2017 Richmond Times-Dispatch, the opposite is true. In this article, titled “Worldwide economy is aiding U.S. job market,” Rugaber says that “In November, U.S. employers added a substantial 228,000 jobs, the Labor Department said Friday. It was the 86th straight month of gains, the longest on record, and a sign of the job market’s enduring strength in the economy’s ninth year of expansion.”

This shows that declining non-productive jobs in Amerika is a common feel-good myth among the Left meant to rouse workers to action. So why hasn’t it worked?

Rugaber ends the article by saying that “Stronger economies overseas have helped boost profits at U.S. multinational corporations…U.S. companies in the S&P index derive about half their revenue from abroad.” “Stronger economies overseas” is coded language for “greater exploitation of 3rd World workers.” Once you read it in that context you will see that this, too, bolsters my argument that workers in Amerika enjoy a relatively high wage and high standard of living as a result of the super-exploitation of workers (and consumers) in the 3rd World.

To be sure, in the same business section, in another article titled “U.S. jobs report helps S&P 500 hit record high,” it says that “Paychecks…have not been getting much bigger, and hourly wages rose less last month than economists expected.” This, too, shows that wages are not declining, but are in fact rising, although at a slow pace. And when wages rise, living standards tends to rise with it because low wage workers spend more money.


A Letter To A Comrade

Part 1

A Letter To A Comrade
By Uhuru B. Rowe
November 14, 2017
E-mail: uhururowe76@yahoo.com

[This comrade is a young socialist brother who leans towards Trotskyism and has high hopes that the predominantly privileged White working class in America, once organized, will wage a socialist revolution. Though I do not explicitly identify as Maoist, I do agree with their analysis of this same working class here in America and their inability (or unwillingness) — because of their material conditions — to wage an effective struggle for socialist/communist revolution. This is the subject of the current debate between them and I. The following two letters are intended to be viewed as part of a larger and intense, but respectful, debate between comrades on the Left (particularly among communists from different camps) on how best to organize and mobilize for socialist/communist revolution in imperialist countries. These letters have been slightly edited for length and grammatical errors].

Peace young brother,

I want to briefly comment on your vision of a future socialist society that you shared with me in your last e-mail. I always hesitate to debate…politics because it has a way of fracturing friendships and bonds between individuals who may have opposing views. But for some reason I feel comfortable having this conversation with you, mainly because your youthfulness [allows] you to be more open-minded and flexible than someone whose old age has caused them to become close-minded and dogmatic.

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On The Need For United Front Between Prisoners and Working Class People

By Uhuru B. Rowe
October 3, 2017
E-mail: uhururowe76@yahoo.com

“We believe that as presently practiced, mass incarceration under the guise of a war on crime or a war on drugs is actually a war on the working class. Through such a guise, an important fact is often forgotten and hidden in plain sight; the overwhelming majority of individuals who are sent to prison are members of the working class.”– Industrial Workers Organizing Committee

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Announcing the Free Virginia Movement!

By Uhuru B. Rowe
March 1, 2017
E-mail: uhururowe76@yahoo.com


A Federal law known as the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (VCCLEA) includes a provision called the Violent Offender Incarceration and Truth in Sentencing Incentive Grants (VOITIS) which provides grants to state and local correctional systems to expand their capacity to incarcerate violent offenders and impose larger and more determinate sentences.
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#Not My President!! #Not Our President!!

By Uhuru B. Rowe
November 10, 2016
e-mail: uhururowe76@yahoo.com

This post is dedicated to all the people who felt offended, hurt, and disrespected by the racist, sexist, xenophobic and bigoted rhetoric of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and feel justifiably upset, angry, scarred and alienated after his election to the White House on 11/8/16; and all the women, New Afrikans (aka African-Americans), Chicanos and Chicanas, Latinos and Latinas, poor people, disabled people, LGBTQI people, discontented and disaffected white youth, high school and college students who are out in the streets raging and protesting because of Trump’s election, risking your lives and your freedom.

Trump’s ascendancy and election as president in this 21st century is a prime example of why we cannot rely on the ballot alone for our liberation. This so-called democratic system is in truth an oligarchy– a government of, for, and by a minority elite group of corrupt millionaire/billionaire politicians and avaricious capitalists who grease each others palms, line each other’s pockets, and exchange favors behind closed doors unbeknownst to struggling working-class American citizens who ceremoniously gets fucked by this system. How many developed countries can you name where a presidential candidate wins the popular vote by millions of votes and still doesn’t get elected? The electoral college is a sham!!

We can never experience true peace and freedom within an oppressive and exploitative system which isn’t naturally all-inclusive and that we have to consistently struggle and fight to be recognized by and be a part of. So if we can’t succeed via the ballot, what is to be done? Dismantle and abolish the current failed system and rebuild a new egalitarian system on the rubble of the old!! “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [and women] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men [and Women], deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness….” This is quoted from The Declaration of Independence of 1776, the instrument by which we can liberate ourselves from a corrupt and oppressive government and achieve true justice and equality for ALL.

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, and fulfill it or betray it.”–Frantz Fanon

To the younger generation who’ve been politicized and mobilized by high tuition rates and student debt which is detrimental to your current dreams and future aspirations, unjustified police killings of unarmed people of color and the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movements, mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex, and the “election” of this charlatan Donald Trump, you have a historical obligation and the power to radically change this system which has repeatedly failed you/us over and over again. I have seen you on the news. I have seen how organized you are in large numbers, chanting with one voice, in one spirit. I have witnessed your anger and discontent at being let down by a system that purports to work in your best interests and that is dependent on your obedience, consent and allegiance to it in order to maintain its legitimacy, power and control. I have witnessed you courageously stare down militarized police, defiantly march through the smoke of tear gas and flash bang grenades, and selflessly put your bodies and freedom on the line by walking onto highways and freeways and blocking traffic as if to say to the world, “Look at me! I am here! I will not be quiet! And I will not be ignored and denied any longer!”

Because of you young rebels and revolutionaries- marching, protesting, demonstrating, shouting, chanting, picketing, etc.- there’s a lot of electricity in the air, and your electricity is so strong and magnetic, those of us on the inside can feel it through the walls of our prison cells. There is no doubt in my mind that your courageous defiance and resistance struggles against American fascism is partly responsible for the recent wave of resistance taking place in prison plantations all across America. You have come from out of the shadows; from out of the ghettos, barrios, and privileged communities; from out of the classrooms, dorms, halls, sororities and fraternities; from out of the clubs and house parties; from out in front of PlayStations and Xboxes; and have stood up on your feet, raised your collective fists and your voices, in order to fulfill your mission, which is to wage the revolution.

As you resist, please know that you are acting on the right side of history. An oppressed and downtrodden class of people which does not endeavor to wage the revolutionary struggle deserves to be treated as slaves. Revolution is not only necessary because there is no other way of overthrowing the power of the corrupt ruling class, but also because only in the process of revolution is the oppressed class able to purge itself of the scum of the old society and become capable of building a new society. This is YOUR mission. This is OUR mission. Let us not betray it. THE OPPRESSED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE WITH US!!

All Power to the People!

The Big Four-Zero

By Uhuru B. Rowe
November 4, 2016

On the October 15, 1976, I was born at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA to Claretha and Robert Rowe. I was the last of seven children. We represented the typical working-class Black family trying to survive and thrive under racist, capitalist system. My mother and father both worked long, hard hours to keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. So, when we came home from school we were often home alone and had to take care of ourselves, and each other. Being the baby in the family, naturally I was the most spoiled and devious. I could do no wrong in my mother’s eyes. So, I used to get away with a lot which drove my siblings nuts. We were all raised to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we didn’t celebrate any holiday’s (including birthdays) which bothered me, especially during Christmas. I would sit in my window and watch all the neighborhood kids play with their new toys and wished to God that I was one of them.

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Virginia State Republicans’ Proxy War Against Poor, Black and Brown People and the Birth of the Free Virginia Movement.

By Uhuru B. Rowe*
June 10, 2016

Well, it seems another Virginia (VA) Governor may bite the dust. Recently, CNN reported that Democratic VA Governor, Terry McAuliffe, is under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Dept. of Justice for alleged improper financial contributions made to his 2013 Gubernatorial campaign by a Chinese businessman estimated to be worth $1 Billion. Continue reading “Virginia State Republicans’ Proxy War Against Poor, Black and Brown People and the Birth of the Free Virginia Movement.”