I just learned that an older comrade of mine was denied parole for the 10th time! It seems that the abolition of parole in VA in 1995 has had an unofficial retroactive effect upon those who remain parole-eligible from before 1995. The Virginia legislature abolished parole back in 1995 for people who committed crimes on or after January 1, 1995. However, of the state’s 38,000 prisoners, approximately 4,300 are still eligible for parole because they committed their crimes before 1995. This post is to express my concern and solidarity with those prisoners affected by the Virginia Parole Board’s (VPB) parole denials that contain no explanation of the VPB’s decisions other than standard boilerplate terminology, without reference to efforts about rehabilitation or other facts that the VPB may have considered. Continue reading “INCARCERATED LIVES MATTER IN VIRGINIA”



By Uhuru B. Rowe
October 20, 2015

On the 18th of October, 2015, an early twenty-something Eritrean migrant by the name of Habton Zerhom, was unjustly shot by an Israeli security guard and then beaten by a mob of Israeli vigilantes in the town of Beersheba . He later died from his wounds. Zerhom’s murder resulted from an earlier event where an Arab-Israeli citizen with a gun and knife allegedly killed an Israeli soldier, stole his weapon and opened fire on a crowd injuring nine. In the mayhem that followed, a video shows Zerhom crawling for cover when a security guard walks up and shoots him at close range. As Zerhom laid in a pool of his own blood, he is cursed, kicked and hit with a rack of chairs by a racist mob of Israeli Jews. It was later reported that the security guard mistook Zerhom for an attacker. Continue reading “RACIST ISRAELI VIGILANTISM AND THE SUBJUGATION OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.”