From Access Secure Pak’s Gift Package Program to all Prison Commissaries Operated by Keefe: Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

This is a reminder that if we collectively struggle against the Prison Industrial Slave Complex from inside the Belly, we can win!

I put out a Call to Action during the summer of 2013 to the prisoner-class which was published in Prison Action News.  This call to action, inspired by the California prisoner hunger strikers and those comrades who organized the Agreement to End All Hostilities, was meant to encourage hose of us who consist of the prisoner-class to actively and aggressively organize a boycott and letter-writing campaign against Access Secure Pak’s (a subisdiary of Keefe) egregious price-gouging tactics being perpetrated upon us through its quarterly “gift package” program which is designed to accomplish one goal: maximize profits by exploiting prisoners and our families.

I am putting the prisoner-class on notice that this boycott and letter-writing campaign is bing expanded to include all commissaries in all prisons owned and operated by the private corporate vender “Keefe Commissary Network Sales” which has been allowed to monopolize all prison commissaries here in the Commonwealth of Virginia and many other localities throughout this Imperialist Empire.

Keefe is a virus which, if left unchecked, will slowly spread while feasting on the prisoner-class and our families.  Its belly is bloated with the funds they secure through blatant price-gouging tactics; funds that we voluntarily give them that we’ve earned from our slave-wage jobs; and funds they gain from our families – many of whom are working-class and poor families that barely survive on minimum wage.

If the prisoner-class at large feels no motivation to struggle against private corporate interests operating inside these prisons, consider this: private corporations like Keefe, Global Tel Link (GTL) and Corizon invest a portion of the money they gain from us to hire lobbyists and make political campaign contributions to politicians’ political action committees (PAC).  These “hired” politicians (at the urging of the lobbyists working for the corporations) then introduce legislation to congress, which, if passed (and many of them are), will result in much longer prison terms and an increase in the overall prison population.  The longer prisoners stay in bondage, the more money these monopoly corporations like Keefe, GTL, and Corizon stand to gain.

Thus, the more money we of the prisoner-class spend with Keefe, the more we unwittingly pay and invest in our own incarceration.  We need to research the laws of our respective states to learn how we collectively con lodge Federal Anti-Trust and Consumer Protection complaint against Keefe.  Is Keefe price-gouging the hell out of us?  Is the quality of products Keefe sells of poor or defective quality?  Then we must organize across racial, organizational, political, and gender/sexual lines to oppose and boycott Keefe.  Buy only essential items from Keefe’s commissary such as hygiene and stationary.  Don’t order a “gift package.”  Organize letter-writing campaigns against Keefe, Located at PO Box 17490, St. Louis, MO 63178 and put them on notice that we are boycotting their price-gouging tactics and that the boycott will be ongoing until they dramatically lower their prices and start selling products that are of “like grade and quality” as products sold out in the general public.  File complaints against Keefe with the Consumer Protection Division at PO Box 899, Jefferson City, MO 65102.  Together we can WIN! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE AND TO THE PRISONER-CLASS!