By Uhuru B. Rowe
November 5, 2015

By now, most of us have seen the viral video of the young black Columbus, South Carolina high school student who was viciously assaulted on October 26, 2015 by a senior deputy who was moonlighting as a school resource officer. The video sparked national outrage. The deputy, later identified as Ben Fields, is seen yanking the 16-year-old girl out of her seat, slamming her to the floor, and tossing her across the classroom like a rag doll after she refused to acknowledge Fields’ authority. Prior to being assaulted by Fields, the girl was asked by school officials to leave the class because she was using her cellphone in class. When she refused, then enters Fields who, according to students, is known as “officer slam”, apparently because of his penchant for using excessive force against students. Because of the violent nature in which the young girl was assaulted, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott suspended Fields without pay and called for an investigation by the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Fields was later fired, probably to stave off future protest and acts of civil disobedience that were sure to come.

This incident should awaken us to the problem of criminalizing the behavior of students via zero-tolerance policies which disproportunately affects students of color, which inevitable facilitates the school-to-prison pipeline. This incident should also remind us that domestic imperialism via state police terror spares neither the young or the elderly.

Remember Marlene Pinnock? Pinnock, a then-51-year-old African-American great-grandmother was savagely beaten in the face while laying on the ground of a Santa Monica, California Highway. The perpetrator: A highway patrolman; or should I say just another racist pig. The video of Pinnock’s July 1, 2014 beating went viral on YouTube.

What about the young black girl that was man-handled and thrown to the ground at a pool party earlier this year in Texas.

These cases exemplifies the decadence of America’s criminal justice system and police state terrorism which spares neither our women.

The population of women in America’s prisons has grown by nearly 800% since 1980. Approximately 70% of incarcerated women are mothers and the majority were the primary caretakers of their children before they were sent to prison. Approximately 80% of women in prison experienced physical abuse either as children or as adults. Consider too that Black women and trans women of color are the fastest growing sector in America’s prison.

These are reasons why patriarchy needs to be abolished.


Monday, Nov 30th: EMERGENCY PROTEST Against 30 Minute Checks

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

SLEEP dep bannerWe are mobilizing an EMERGENCY PROTEST at the CA Department of Corrections in Sacramento on Monday, Nov 30th. This is serious.

People in solitary confinement have been loudly awakened by guards every 30 minutes 24/7 since the night of August 2nd, almost 4 months!  Please participate in an emergency protest in Sacramento to stop these every 30 minute so-called “security/welfare checks” being done in the Pelican Bay SHU and other solitary units in CA prisons. Sleep deprivation is torture, and that is what these loud, intrusive checks are causing. For people in solitary cells 23-24 hours a day, the noise and disruption every 30 minutes is unavoidable, endless torture. They are experiencing severe stress, weight loss, dizziness, nausea, headaches, eye problems, stomach and bowel problems, faintness, depression, and sped-up heart rates. They cannot concentrate, exercise, read, do legal work- the things that help them survive- and they can’t sleep!

An emergency demo is warranted. 119 days and nights of torment!

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Revolutionary Love

The Black woman…Her Love is Revolutionary.

It’ll move mountains to get to its destination.

It permeated the most distant parts of the planet before man existed.

During the trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was the Revolutionary Love of the Black woman that gave the Black man the courage, strength, fortification and Power to rise up and confront our captors. Continue reading “Revolutionary Love”

October 18, 2015

I just finished watching the Walking Dead. WOW! What an episode…Probably the best episode to date! This show isn’t too far from the way society at-large will be in another fifty to a hundred years as the world descends into chaos and madness. How much longer will the vast majority of the world’s people remain content in their suffering and misery at the hands of capitalist-imperialist domination before they rise up and seek out an alternative. We shouldn’t be so arrogant and naive as to think that the super-exploitation of Third-World people will continue to afford us a comfortable lifestyle here in the First World. And how much longer will Americans continue to be duped into believing that the greatest threat to our safety and security is China, Russia and the Islamic State and not mentally deranged American citizens who commit mass shootings, murdering innocent men, women and children? In a society where virtually everyone is packing heat and not a soul feels safe in a movie theater, church, shopping center or even in school, it is then that America has ceased being a beacon of hope, freedom and prosperity, but has retrogressed to a point where the soil has become soaked with the blood of innocent victims of a capitalist system more concerned with the accumulation of wealth than the welfare of its most vulnerable citizens.


Why do I feel alone, abandoned, forgotten and disconnected from my people as I sit in my prison cell?

As I look out of my cell door, why do I see ten black prisoners for every individual white prisoner?

Why are Virginia prisoners forced to serve 85 percent of our de facto life sentences with no hope of release? Continue reading “WHY”