“The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”

Steve Biko

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Uhuru in his own words

I am an incarcerated New Afrikan Black male, 40, 5’7″, 175lbs, brown eyes, non-smoker, no kids, vegetarian, athletic, anti-sexist, spontaneous, intelligent, socially-conscious, revolutionary-minded, internationalist, easy to communicate with, mentally and emotionally disciplined, and maintains a positive, optimistic attitude when when faced with the many struggles of life.

I have been incarcerated here in the Commonwealth of Virginia since January of 1995. Prior to my imprisonment, I was living in the city of Richmond, Virginia, where I was born and raised on the south side. I am the youngest out of three brothers and three sisters and the son of a deceased father. My mother is the greatest love of my life and one my biggest supporters.

My path to prison began when I started using and abusing drugs and alcohol and when I dropped out of a failed public school system in the 9th grade.

Thus, began my path down the school-to-prison pipeline and the beginning of a life of crime in a city which was then labeled the murder capital of the entire U.S. Had I not come to prison at the age if 18, I most certainly would’ve been the victim of a homicide.

And once I entered prison, I immediately began the arduous task of transforming my antisocial, criminal mentality into a forward-thinking, revolutionary mentality so that when I am finally released from this concrete jungle, I will be a positive and powerful force and influence among the disenchanted and disadvantaged youth of my family and in my community.

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Writings From Uhuru

Politically active Va. inmate, now in solitary, transferred three times after complaints about prisons

Published in the Richmond Times Dispatch, May 6, 2018, by Patrick Wilson A politically active Virginia prisoner who organized inmates to file grievances about medical care, staffing and water quality was recently transferred to a high-security prison and placed in solitary confinement. Supporters and his wife fear he is being unjustly punished for activism. Askari … Continue reading Politically active Va. inmate, now in solitary, transferred three times after complaints about prisons

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