The Political Action Committee of the Free Virginia Movement

By Uhuru Rowe, Founder
May 27, 2017




“Capitalism causes crime. Overwhelmingly, the victims of crime are poor and Third World people. Street crime is caused and perpetuated by joblessness and underemployment; by a ruling class that uses people for its own profit and discards them when it has no more profitable use for them. The capitalist prison and its bureaucracy is a loathsome parasite on society. Its sole purpose is to administer the warehousing and repression of human beings for whom capitalism has no use and no solution.”–George Jackson Brigade, in Capitalism Is Organized Crime

The Free Virginia Movement (FVM) is proposing the formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC) which is a major point in Our Organizing Strategy.

Our PAC, once operational, will be capable of transforming the social, political, and economic reality for all Virginian’s–including incarcerated people and those who feel neglected and marginalized by a Virginia State Government and its politicians, most of whom serve the interests of the ruling capitalist elites–by: 1) educating members and the general public about political candidates for statewide offices at election time via social media, fliers, town hall meetings, assemblies, forums, workshops, etc.; 2) fund raising, pooling, and contributing funds to the campaigns of political candidates for statewide offices most likely to advance our interests and to lobby against against those candidates who, once in office, are most likely to act against the needs, concerns, and interests of incarcerated, Black, Brown, poor, low-income, working-class, and other marginalized and oppressed people; 3) and organizing and mobilizing a powerful grassroots voting bloc capable of influencing statewide elections in OUR favor.

This is needed because Virginia’s government and criminal injustice system–its laws, police departments, circuit courts, and prisons–are all biased against Black, Brown, poor, low-income, marginalized, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and working-class people, including women, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBTQ people. We are all disposable people within a capitalist patriarchal system which places profit over human lives, and which discards us into prisons and jails when it has no more profitable use for us.

In order to change this dynamic and overcome our shared-oppression, we must UNITE and ORGANIZE, BUILD POWER and MOBILIZE to FORCE change! It is time that incarcerated people, their families, and other Black, Brown, poor, low-income, marginalized, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and working class people organize themselves under the banner of the Free Virginia Movement and its PAC into a force that can and will transform who has political power and control in Virginia and how that power and control affect our lives.

There are approximately 38,000 people incarcerated in Virginia’s prisons. If each incarcerated person and at least three of their family members, friends, or associates register with the FVM/PAC and donate a minimum of just $5, we can organize the mobilization of over 150,000 people inside and outside of prison with a war chest of over a quarter million dollars that we can use to accomplish OUR GOALS.

It is the late-great Howard Zinn who said that we cannot be neutral on a moving train. Amidst the hate, division, uncertainty, and turmoil that has swept the country since the “election” of Donald Trump to the White House, either we are going to allow ourselves to be forced backwards to a time when people of color, women, immigrants, and LGBTQ people were considered property and noncitizens and thus had no control over our lives and no rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness, or we are going to move forward and begin the historical task of UNITING and BUILDING and ORGANIZING a powerful grassroots political base in Virginia in order to change things ourselves. There is no in between.

People, the days of mere lip service and half-ass organizing are over. Now is the time for action! The power structure has been duping us for far too long and so we must step up and retake control over our lives and the future of our families and communities.

We are currently seeking individuals to fill the following positions: Director, State Coordinator, State Representative, National Representative, Treasurer, Volunteers, Fundraisers, Donors, and Sponsors.

If you are serious about building the FVM and our PAC, if you’re serious about achieving REAL change, and if you are able to fill one or more of the above positions, please contact me by e-mail at, or you can contact me directly by downloading the JPay mobile app to your smartphone, log on, and sign up to exchange e-messages with me.



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