By Uhuru B. Rowe
July 10, 2016

From Texas to Minnesota to Louisiana to Tennessee…the power keg is bursting as it had done in the 1960s and 1970s at the height of the Black liberation and anti-war movements. As expected, the killing of five policeman in Texas was quickly labeled a “tragedy” by corporate news media, but they never label it a tragedy when unarmed Black or Brown people are blatantly assassinated on camera by the boys in blue, AND the assassins STILL are acquitted during a “show” trial in court of “law”, IF they are indicted at all. And that’s because -since 1619- Black and Brown Lives has never mattered to white America.

Whenever we are assassinated by the these former and current Klan members in police uniforms, our criminal history is always broadcasted for the world see as if to say a felony record renders us deserving of being executed by a cop like a rabid dog. We are still human beings and citizens of the country!

Since the days of chattel slavery, Black people have always been a disposable people, to be discarded when capitalist white America could no longer exploit us and profit from our free or cheap labor. And because it was impossible to send us all “back to Africa,” the “final solution” was the implementation of Jim Crow, the Black Codes, legalized lynching, medical experimentations and forced sterilizations, mass incarceration and police terror all implemented to reduce us [Black people] to nothingness.

And, here in 2016, we are still being disposed of by modern-day slave catchers in blue uniforms doing the bidding of their ruling capitalist puppet masters.

And the violence that is being displayed against cops is just a symptom or byproduct of a capitalist white supremacist patriarchal system which is rooted in racism, oppression, violence, and genocide against Indigenous Natives A.K.A. First Nations and Afrikans.

Fredrick Douglas put it this way: “…what rights I have against the slave master, I have equally against those confederated with him in robbing me of my liberty. Since society has marked me out as privilege plunder, on the principle of self-preservation, I am justified in plundering in return.”

In his book titled, “Pioneers in Protest,” Lerone Bennet, Jr. says that “In the dynamics of oppression, there are four stages of violence. In the original act of violence, one group [white supremacists] lays violent hands on another group [Black people] and reduces it to submission and degradation. This original violence is sustained by and perpetrated by institutions (armies, police forces). Once this happens, once violence is imposed on a situation and imposed by violent means, the situation itself and all the participants in the situation are defined by violence. Violence becomes the ambiance of their being, and it whirls around and around within touching everything and sparing nothing.”

In the second stage, Bennet says further that the second group [Black people] internalizes the original violence of the oppressors, and finding no outlet for turning the violence away from themselves, “they inevitably turn the violence upon themselves [Black-on-Black violence], killing and maiming each other in rites of self-destruction.”

“As children of violence they [Black people] became a transmission belt of violence in an attempt to free all men from violence.”

And in that attempt Bennet emphasized that the third law of violence is that violence always rebound, always returns return home [We reap what we sow].

“And of course, this brought into play the fourth instrument of violence, a multiplication of the instrument [The over militarization of domestic police forces] designed to suppress slaves [Freedom Fighters]. Thus, the violence of the system closed in on itself. And in the process the system cracked under the strain.”

Here in Amerikkka with its legacy and policy of slavery, oppression, violence and death against poor people and people of color, the recent violence being directed towards the police is violence “boomeranging and returning home.”

Violence begets violence. So, the only way to neutralize violence is through the revolutionary LOVE of the People; those People who are tired seeking concessions from a broken system; those People who are tired of hearing lip service from passive and corrupt government leaders; those People who know longer desire reforms, but a COMPLETE and TOTAL transformation of society.

While America mourns for the five officers who were gunned down in Dallas, Texas, I mourn for the HUNDREDS! of unarmed people of color who are systematically executed year after year. I mourn for the approximately 50 million Black people who suffered a torturous death as a result of slavery, racism and genocide.


*You can view an article I wrote after the assassination of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri back on April 2013, here.


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