My Indefinite Hunger Strike

The following was recived AFTER I had already recived word that Uhuru had ended his hunger strike.  News travel slow when your in solitary confinement, not to mention prison in general.  That being said I still feel that it should be posted here…

To all of my friends, supporters and comrades:
Effective June 6th, 2016, I will be going on an indefinite hunger strike to compel the prison administration here at Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn, Virginia and the Virginia Department of Corrections, in general, to transfer me to another facility.
I have spent the last 50 out of 57 days in the Restricted Housing Unit (RHU), also known as solitary confinement, as a reult of a disciplinary infraction (write-up) for being in possession of a cell phone. Instead of transferring me to another facility like all the other prisoners who’ve been cought in possession of a cell phone, the Institutional Classification Authority (ICA) relased me or attempted to relase me back to General Population (GP) in a calculated conspiracy to create a strong suspicion among other prisoners here that I collaborated with the ICA against other prisoners in exchange for not being transferred to a higher security facility. This is a classic COINTELPRO-like tactic used to try and discredit those considered to be revolutionaries or influential leaders behind these prison walls. Divide, control and rule is the order of the day in the Virginia prison system. There is almost zero unity in here and the Virginia DOC will go out of its way to disrupt what little unity we do have.
I have been a thorn in the side of prison administraters for years. I am constantly trying to organize and build unity so we can create change behind these walls. I dont let any violation of policy go un-challenged. I consistently file grievnces, write letters to state politicians and publish articles in newspapers/newsletters exposing what is going on here in VA in regards to the prison system, among other things.
What is happening to me is a classic case of attempted political/character assassination by those in positions of power. In order to bring some awareness to my plight and to compel Va DOC to transfer me to another facility, I am going on a peaceful, nonviolent hunger strike on June 6th, 2016. With my chronic high blood pressure, I am aware of how devasting this hunger strike will be on my health. I might survive or I might not and I know that my keepers don’t care if I live or die; but that the risk I am willing to take to oppose injustice and exercise contol over my life and not be used as a pawn or a guinea pig to cause further division in a mostly disunited prison system.
I call on any and every person reading this post to support me on my hunger stirke. Don’t let me fight this battle alone. There is a lot you can do to aid and assist me.
“Like” and share this post with all of your contacts, friends, etc. on social media. Call or email Va DOC Director, Harold Clarke, by phone at 804-674-3000 or by email at and urge him to transfer me to another facility and that you support me on my hunger stirke. Call Warden Rodney Younce at 434-983-4401 and tell him you support me on my hunger strike and that I should be transferred to another facility as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance for your support. The fight continues…


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