Support Uhuru’s Clemency Request

Uhuru B. Rowe (a.k.a. Brian L. Rowe), is a self-rehabilitated, self-educated writer, poet and activist who has been incarcerated for nearly 21 years at various prisons with the Virginia Dept. of Corrections.  Uhuru is currently in prison pursuant to a robbery he participated in on 1/19/1995, when he was barely 18 years old, that resulted in the shotting deaths of two people.  Uhuru was not the trigger-man, but he accepted responsibility for his actions and plead guilty.  Even though the sentencing guidelines recommended a maximum sentence of 13 years in prison, the sentencing judge ignored the recommendation and sentenced Rowe to a total of 93 years in prison.  This sentence is eighty years outside of the recommended guidelines.  Because Virginia abolished parole in 1995, Uhuru must serve 85% of his sentence.  Uhuru is a first time felon and deserves a second chance.  If he is not granted a second chance via clemency he will die in prison before his scheduled release date of 5/21/2076.  Uhuru’s clemency petition has been pending with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe since June 2014.  A more in-depth discussion of Uhuru’s case, his accomplishments while in prison and the politics surrounding Virginia’s decision to abolish parole can be found here.  This article, written by Uhuru himself, also contains suggested ways you can aid and assist him.  Uhuru’s family, friends and community needs and wants him home!  You can write to Uhuru at:

Uhuru B. Rowe
P.O. Box 430
Dillwyn Virginia

You can contact Uhuru’s attorney, James B. Craven III, by phone at 919-688-8295 or by email at  Please donate much needed funds for Uhuru’s legal fund by here.  It is imperative for citizens of this country who are fed up with and impacted by mass incarceration to raise our collective voices in support of incarcerated people like Uhuru.  Uhuru, as well as his family, friends and supporters thank you in advance for any support that you can provide.


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