Revolutionary Love

The Black woman…Her Love is Revolutionary.

It’ll move mountains to get to its destination.

It permeated the most distant parts of the planet before man existed.

During the trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was the Revolutionary Love of the Black woman that gave the Black man the courage, strength, fortification and Power to rise up and confront our captors.

It was Black women like Rosa Parks and her Love for freedom, justice and equality for her people that jump-started the Civil Rights movement back in 1965 which led to the eventual abolition of legal segregation.

It was the Revolutionary Love and militancy of Black women like Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, Kathleen Cleaver, and others, which helped inspire Black women, men and children nationwide to stand up with our clinched fists raised in the air while screaming “All Power to the People!!!”

It was the the Revolutionary Love of Winnie Mandela, Betty Shabazz and Michelle Obama that enabled their husbands- Nelson, Malcolm (El Hajj) and Barack- to rise up against unspeakable odds and racism to take their rightful place in society while making history in the process.

Even when us Black men rejected and disowned our Black women by running off to seek and find pleasure in some other “exotic” female, it was our loyal Black women, waiting patiently with their arms outstretched- for us to return home- like the prodigal son- in our shame and disgrace to feed at the bosom of their forgiving, unconditional and life-sustaining Love.

Before the human species came out of Her womb, we experienced the Revolutionary Life and Spirit of the Black woman’s Love.

When we were in a sickly state, it was the natural healing Power of a Black woman’s Love and touch that nursed us back to full strength.

Beside every Black man and child is the unceasing, unbending and uncompromising Love of a Black woman.

Her Love is smooth like velvet, yet tough as leather.

It will knock you down to the ground if you consume too much of it at one time…straight with no chaser.

It’s more valuable and ancient than anything known to man.

I’m talking about the Life force flowing through, and reflected in, everything in existence: The Revolutionary Love of our New Afrikan Black sisters!

  • Uhuru Rowe
  • October 9th 2013

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