Why do I feel alone, abandoned, forgotten and disconnected from my people as I sit in my prison cell?

As I look out of my cell door, why do I see ten black prisoners for every individual white prisoner?

Why are Virginia prisoners forced to serve 85 percent of our de facto life sentences with no hope of release?

Why is funding consistently cut from the budget of inner-city (urban) schools while funding for jails and prisons remain at an all-time high?

Why did former-President Bill Clinton abolish Pell Grants for prisoners, which effectively retards our intellectual growth and perpetuate recidivism?

Why is it that 150 years after the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing chattel slavery, have black and brown men and women become neo-slaves on neo-slave prison plantations?

Why is it that American currently have more Black people languishing in its prisons than South Africa at the height of apartheid?

And if America is the beacon of hope, prosperity and freedom, why does it incarcerate more of its citizens than any other country on the planet?

And why do ten of millions of children living in poverty go to bed hungry every night?

Why is so easy for racist, trigger-happy cops to execute unarmed black and brown men, women and children with little to no impunity?

To be fair, why is it still easy for black people to hate and kill each other even in the midst of the nationwide #BlackLivesMatter movement?

Why does America refuse to even consider the idea of reparations for blacks even though it is responsible for the genocidal deaths of over 50 million black people during chattel slavery through Jim Crow?

Why don’t record companies aggressively market conscious hip hop instead of gangster rap which glorifies sexism, drugs, prison/thug culture and black-on-black violence?

Why don’t we teach our black youth how to become owners and producers, instead of workers and consumers?

With don’t black people spend more of our money with black owned-businesses?

When will the time come when we as black people will have progressed to the point when we can stop asking WHY?

-Uhuru Rowe
June 18th, 2015


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