October 18, 2015

I just finished watching the Walking Dead. WOW! What an episode…Probably the best episode to date! This show isn’t too far from the way society at-large will be in another fifty to a hundred years as the world descends into chaos and madness. How much longer will the vast majority of the world’s people remain content in their suffering and misery at the hands of capitalist-imperialist domination before they rise up and seek out an alternative. We shouldn’t be so arrogant and naive as to think that the super-exploitation of Third-World people will continue to afford us a comfortable lifestyle here in the First World. And how much longer will Americans continue to be duped into believing that the greatest threat to our safety and security is China, Russia and the Islamic State and not mentally deranged American citizens who commit mass shootings, murdering innocent men, women and children? In a society where virtually everyone is packing heat and not a soul feels safe in a movie theater, church, shopping center or even in school, it is then that America has ceased being a beacon of hope, freedom and prosperity, but has retrogressed to a point where the soil has become soaked with the blood of innocent victims of a capitalist system more concerned with the accumulation of wealth than the welfare of its most vulnerable citizens.


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